Mayo Trade at the Thailand Crypto Expo 2022

Earlier this year, Mayotrade was part of the biggest crypto event in southeast Asia. M Vision PCL hosts the expo and will allow users to meet top product owners, providers, and leading blockchain projects. The platform took to the Thailand crypto expo in May 2022 to much success. Here’s what took place, in case you missed it. The four-day event began on the 12th of May, and Mayotrade customers were given a front seat through our live stream. The hosts were kind to be the eyes and ears of the viewers also, asking questions regarding relevant topics. Mayotrade was well received at the event and proved productive as it accumulated over 500,000 viewers and 5000+ on-site registrations. “People new to crypto don’t understand it well enough to perform effective trades.” “So creating a platform that takes some of that knowledge and makes it automated through the help of AI technology is going to be bigger.”, said Mathew from Ninja Partners, based in Koh Phangan, a company specializing in collaboration around the crypto space. Using the recent boom in cryptocurrency, Mayotrade aims to amalgamate the global crypto economy under one platform that will provide an efficient and very secure financial asset management system. .