Mayotrade Trust: Initiative for growth

Mayotrade is among the top investment platforms for new and experienced people in a safe environment to invest in crypto and forex. With AI technology algorithms and over 12 years of team expertise in the field, Mayotrade promises high ROI in a challenging modern market at low risks. At Mayotrade, social responsibility is at the core of their vision. A team member from the program said: “We believe in cumulative growth, and with this initiative, we aim to continue aiding growth around us with your support.” The platform was proud to announce its first CSR campaign, in association, with the Serendipity Healthcare Foundation. The campaign involved donations of school bags, educational books, pens, and other stationery items to elementary school kids from an orphanage in Kano, Nigeria. “The smiles received in return were worth it. It’s amazing to make a change in their lives, everybody has a right to education, and we’re glad to aid them however possible.”, said Jeff Hamilton, the CEO of Mayotrade. Myaotrade hopes to continue contributing to many more important causes in the future. To be a part of this initiative all you need to do is register on to Mayotrade and make an investment. Follow their social media channels to find out more about their CSR campaigns. Using the recent boom in cryptocurrency, Mayotrade aims to amalgamate the global crypto economy under one platform that will provide an efficient and very secure financial asset management system. .